Self: the power of simplicity


A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a language was forged, so powerful and shrouded in mystery that, although it has permeated and influenced a whole host of other languages, it remained obscure and generally unknown.


Unfortunately, this will stay this way for a little bit longer, since I cannot seem to get it running on my machine, it keeps complaining:

chi ~ % Self -s /usr/share/self/0/Demo-4.4.snap
for I386:  LogVMMessages = true
for I386:  PrintScriptName  = true
for I386:  Inline = true
for I386:  SICDeferUncommonBranches = false (not implemented)
for I386:  SICReplaceOnStack = false (not implemented)
for I386:  SaveOutgoingArgumentsOfPatchedFrames = true

  Welcome to the Self system!  (Version 4.4)

Copyright 1992-2009 AUTHORS, Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Stanford University.
See the LICENSE file for license information.

Type _Credits for full credits.

VM version: 4.1.13

Adjusting VM for better UI2 performance:
  _MaxPICSize: 25
"Self 1" unknown font: arialBold
    <0> waiting process: perProcessGlobals prompt mainInputLoop             
  Select a process (or q to quit scheduler): q
  Scheduler shut down.
chi ~ % locate arial

It should be a smooth ride if you're on OSX, since that's what the developers seem to use, but for now I've filed an issue and await further instructions.