It's Sunday already!


Since I need a day of pure lazyness, here's a dump of some open tabs:

Soundtrack for today: Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures by Lullatone

Hackety Hack is back!

Since _why left us, Hackety Hack and shoes have been lovingly picked up by steveklabnik and a few supporters. Now the site for Hackety Hack is finally live again and already hosts a wide variety of fun little shoes apps.

Buy Domains and a logo idea in one

Originally posted at HN, this is still something I'd like to expand on... more on that in a future post.

The new Dive Into HTML5

Mark Pilgrim also cut all his online ties, and left behind this gem of a book, it's been my reference for everything HTML for the past year. A team of volunteers also continues this project under the new domain name.

Live preview of markdown in js

This is quite a bit older, created by John Fraser in 2007, but I recently remembered it, and thought it would make a good addition to my blog. Not sure I can ever quit writing markdown in vim, but preview is really something I need.

Be your own cloud storage provider

Found yesterday, they make the case that you really could host your own files in the cloud, which I happen to agree with. There is no support for CouchDB yet, but jan____ is working on it. I plan to write another article about my thoughts on this project, as I'm not entirely happy with their approach.

Stanford OpenClassroom

Stanford is providing a lot of courses, with videos of each topic, and even "homework". It seems like the videos were created by students, and I'd love to have transcriptions, but overall a good first effort.

printf("goodbye, Dennis");

Dennis Ritchie, a father of modern computing, died on October 8th, aged 70.

I owe him so much.